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Galaxy Mega


Is C Spire ever going to catch up? My contract is up in May, and I would really like a Galaxy Note or Galaxy Mega.  It doesn't seem too far out there to expect C Spire to offer all products in the same line (i.e. Galaxy SIII, S4, Note, and Mega).  You basically have three options with C Spire:


1.  iPhone

2.  Galaxy S

3.  Another phone you have to settle for


And for the record, when and if C Spire does respond to this, "I have no information on this device" and "We have other phones" really don't answer the question.   If you don't have information about the phone, Google it.  And I want a Note or Mega, not another phone.  A simple "yes we are in the process of acquiring the phone" or "no we do not have any plans to acquire the phone" would be great.

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    C Spire Liz CommunityModerator

    Hey CLAIRE BEARD, thanks for letting us know that is a device you're interested in. Right now, we don have any info about it, but we'll post any new devices coming to our network here in CIRCLE.


    We have some other great phones besides the ones that you listed. The HTC One and Moto X are both great 4G devices. You should take a look at them!