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Free WiFi Tethering....

kgchem95 Shining

CSpire, what is your problem.  Why can't your customers have free WiFi HotSpot, using our smartphones as modems.  Are we not paying for the data usage ANYWAY. Our phones are already capable of doing this.  What is the problem.  Please explain, with GOOD reason, the point of charging 20 dollars for Ig of thethering. Please explain.  You want to be pioneers, then do something REALLY different.  Why are you trying to KEEP IN LINE WITH Verizon and ATT.  I thought CSpire was supposed to be SOOOOOO differet.  At least Verizon and ATT put their charges upfront, so you know what you are dealing with.  CSpire, you like to hide your stuff. What is up with that?  Response?