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30 minutes of Video Streaming used up yet have never streamed?

rushhound Beaming

Been on the Choice Data plan for just over 2 weeks now.  Got the text message that I had used up my allotted 30 minutes of video streaming for my plan.


Ironically I have never watched the first video or otherwise streamed any video on the device via C Spire data or Wi-Fi for that matter. 

I have seen it stated that some apps have video ads in them and I understand that but I have never used a single app with any video ads that I am aware of.


So what happens now?  I have no interest in streaming video on a mobile phone.   Am I going to continually be prompted to purchse a streaming pass when I don't even know what C Spire is labeling as video "streaming"?  Is my data going to be restricted in some manner?


I do use Pandora but I use the paid version so there are ZERO ads from my Pandora streaming.


I sent a text back to the message asking what did they show me streaming and was told they had no way of knowing.  Lovely, so I don't even know and

C Spire doesn't know, yet they have figured out how to measure something that no one has any idea what constitutes the 30 minutes of streaming I have supposedly used.


Makes perfect sense.