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Samsung Galaxy S III Weak Signal


I upgraded friday from the galaxy S to the S3 and every since I have had a poor signal where I used to have a good signal, most of the time now the phone tells me it can't connect or I see where I have a missed call while being right there all the time.

Is anyone else having the problem or do I just have a bad phone. By the way my wife still has a Galaxy S and holding both of them she may have 3 bars and 3G on the S while the S3 has 1 bar and 1x showing.



Just returned from C Spire store they told me they recieved a e-mail not to exchange these phone on a weak signal because it's not the phone is the software and it will be addressed with a update, however if I wanted to switch to another phone say the Iphone5 they would be happy to do that to.  If I new for sure that updating to Jellybean would fix the problem, I would root the phone and update to it, but im not sure it's not just a bad phone. I don't want to void the warranty.