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New Coverage Maps

Kevin Huckaby Shining

Hey C Spire mods, I noticed the coverage maps changed. Now it only has 3G or 4G data speeds. Does this mean where you can get coverage, you get at least 3G now. Because a few weeks ago, where I live in Pontotoc it switched back and forth from 3G and 1X. I'm not having a problem but I'm just curious. Thanks

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    C Spire Kat CommunityModerator

    @kevin The way it looks now, as long as it is in the blue, that should be a 3g area.

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      That statement is not entirely correct.  From a C Sprie CS Rep in an online chat: "..the reason you see 3 G coverage everywhere, is due it the roaming agreements that we have with other carriers"


      C Spire is not being entirely truthful about their own coverage capabilities on their map.  I live in an area where i only receive 1X, but the Map says 3G.  The map is showing that 3G is available in my area, but that is from C Sprie's Roaming Agreement, not from the actual covergae they provide.


      I also was having trouble ablout a year ago, when the map still said was in my area was only 1X.  Now, whenever I ask about 3G in my area, the CS Rep pulls the ticket from then and tries to explain the troubles I was having as being the reason I am getting 1X and not 3G.


      Point is, Don't trust the Map.

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    I am still seeing the same map. I wonder if they changed it back.

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    hendrix2 Brilliant

    With the new map is shows everything right to me. There is still some areas in white in the state. Not many but still some. As far as Pontotoc, looks like you are in 4G to me. Looks like to the south of it is 3G and in the wooded area there is a small portion with no service but that is a bit out of Pontotoc. Maybe it is your phone.