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What's the deal with this website?




This website is so glitchy and awful. I just want to see my bill and my service, BUT no. It continue to route me back to the homepage. If you're going to change your website, the one thing that should be A on the lst. Have it debugged before releasing it instead of rushing this mess. Also, here is the sad part. I was going to UPGRADE my plan and buy a new phone RIGHT now, but C-Spire's incompetence with the general direction of their company has to be the big bone head move of the year. And C spire is closed on Sunday. LOGIC.... get some. Trying to give my money to Cspire, but keeps showing me the front door. REALLY? Randomly logging me out, links being broken sending me back to the home page.


Hey web technicians, Go to ATT, Tmobile, Sprint, and etc's website. Tell me it how fast and easy it is to get a plan set up and everything done. And then compare with this. Tell me, how all that flash on their website bogging it down help? I understand you want to be flashy, but CMON man. What is the point? I understand for a seperate part of the website for NEW customer, but making to site so flashy that is turn people blind from C-Spire love of self-promotion to the maximum threshold possible. I feel bad for  the damage control squad, because they seem to know it too. A good idea to think about. It will be ready, when its ready! Not rushing to meet a deadline. It's better to give a fully prepared and fully tested product even if it's delayed. It could prevent bad experiences like these. So please, Amanda. report my request. I'm not stupid. I don't need a comforting response. I just want to give you guys my money or atleast open up the old site /rant