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Head To Head Radio

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Head to Head is a new brand of sports talk radio in Mississippi. Head to Head combines the coverage of Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and the SEC that sports fans demand with original, insightful political and business content relevant to all Mississippians. Passion and emotion – in sports and life – are what Mississippi is all about, and Head to Head is the radio destination for passionate people who are willing to think.


Head to Head is hosted by Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross. Matt and Richard join forces and fan bases from their respective radio shows, First Call and Sports Talk, as a bit of an odd couple to take listeners on an unedited, unbiased journey through Mississippi.


Nowhere in Misssissippi’s rich radio history will you find anything quite like Head to Head. Join Richard and Matt every weekday, from 4-6 PM as they delve into the twists and turns of political campaigns, the highs and lows of the business community, and of course, the rivalries that play out on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons across the state of Mississippi.




Feel free to discuss their latest shows and thoughts on sports. (It's okay to disagree too!)