Access to Your C Spire Account

Limiting access to your account information ensures that only people you authorize can access or make changes to your account.

Who can access your account?


The Account Holder is the person in whose name the account is established (i.e., the person responsible for paying the bill). The Account Holder can perform the following actions along with anything an Authorized User can do:

  • Establish the account
  • Pick up a carryout order establishing a new account
  • Set up AutoPay
  • Request the CPNI PIN
  • Add or remove the Detailed Billing feature
  • Authorize someone else to make changes on the account
  • Add, update or remove any password-protected information
  • Make payment arrangements if the account meets certain criteria
  • Request call detail information or bill reprints
  • Change a voice mail password



The Authorized User is someone the Account Holder has designated as the user of a particular mobile number on the account. An Authorized User has limited account access and must be able to identify specific account information in order to make changes. There are certain actions the Authorized User can take on his own, and then there are other actions that the Account Holder must grant permission for the Authorized User to perform.

With previous approval from the Account Holder, the Authorized User can perform the following actions:

  • Address change
  • Request a new number for an existing mobile on the account
  • Pick up a carryout order adding on to an existing account
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Add an additional mobile number to the account or make changes to existing mobiles on the account
  • Bill purchases to the account
  • Add or remove features (except for Detailed Billing)
  • Request a plan change
  • Reconnect service
  • Disconnect service (if not under a promotional offer contract)
  • Submit a warranty claim (verbal approval from Account Holder required at time of request)


Without prior approval from the Account Holder, the Authorized User can perform the following actions by knowing the last four digits of the Account Holder's Social Security Number or his/her username and password:


  • Request suspension of service for the mobile number
  • Discuss the amount of the bill
  • Swap out one phone for another - this is referred to as processing an ESN change


Verification of identity will be required for all account transactions. Depending on the transaction being performed, the requestor may be required to provide a picture ID and know the following information about the Account Holder: nine-digit Social Security number, billing address and date of birth.